Campbells of Rutherglen

Campbells is a fifth-generation family owned wine business with over 145 years of toil and winemaking success in Rutherglen. Their focus is on creating wines of provenance, character and finesse with a hands-on approach and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Campbells Winery is situated in the historic town of Rutherglen; a former gold mining town and wine region, in the North East of Victoria, Australia.
This region is bordered to the north by the mighty Murray River and to the east by the foothills to the ‘Victorian Alps’.
Frequently long, dry autumns provide slow and gentle ripening periods which results in fully flavoured wines with complexity and elegance. They are famous for their world class Muscats and Topaques and fully flavoured red table wines.
Campbells are a proud member of Australia’s First Families of Wine.

New Muscat of Rutherglen Booklet from Campbells:

“The passion and drive we feel to make the best wine we can, comes from within; we live and breathe it.
We grew up amongst the vineyards, farm and winery. This is our life. We know our black and reddened clays, the rocky outcrops, the frosty Winter, the smell of Spring with the flush of green followed by the inevitable warm and dry Summer. The steadying influence of Dad is still felt as I recall- helping in the winery; Baume rounds and pump overs during vintage and fortified work in the summer. This life of experience has helped shape us just as previous Campbells generation did for Dad and so on. Our story is very much about the lineage of time and tradition, and about perfecting our craft in this blessed place called Rutherglen in Victoria, Australia.
Julie Campbell, Chief Winemaker”