Australia / Rutherglen
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Campbells Rutherglen Topaque NV

Campbells of Rutherglen


This classification is a maturing style imparting greater levels of richness and complexity; exhibiting the beginnings of “rancio” characters produced from prolonged maturation in mature oak. The Topaques of Rutherglen bear a mark of authenticity – an oval logotype with a stylised “R” – which is only applied to the wines drawn from the great vineyards of the region. The “Topaque of Rutherglen” trademark assures the highest quality of wine exclusively sourced from the Rutherglen Wine Region. Campbell’s ‘house style’ is typically complex and elegant, capturing a rich purity of fruit flavours while finishing clean and dry. - Colin Campbell

Deep, brilliant old gold. Lifted toffee, honey and cold tea characters combine to produce the unique character of Rutherglen Topaque. Toffee and tealeaf characters predominate on the front of the palate with a cleansing hint of spirit and old oak on the finish.


The vines for the Rutherglen Topaque are planted on deep alluvial red loam soils which retain moisture allowing the fruit to ripen gradually on the vine. The age of the vines vary from young, 10, 20, 40 or even 80 year old vines. We may pick one block of vines early, or manage the yields of another through the use of selective pruneing. A balance is required between, yield, canopy and subsequent quality. The decision to pick is based on the suitablility for the various classificatons and with one eye on the weather.


The grapes are left until late in the season to achieve optimum ripeness, ensuring maximum fruit flavour and a high degree of natural sweetness. Selected parcels of the finished wine are then added to the Rutherglen Topaque solera which is a blend of a number of vintages from many past years. Wine can only be withdrawn from this solera when it matches exactly with the previous withdrawal thus ensuring the quality and consistency of style.


Blended through our solera for optimum flavour and balance, this wine will not improve with further cellaring and should ideally be enjoyed soon after opening. A heavenly match with honeycomb ice cream, fruit based desserts, soft cheeses, chilled as an aperitif or as an after dinner drink with coffee