Australia / Rutherglen
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Campbells Classic Rutherglen Muscat NV

Campbells of Rutherglen


This classification is a maturing style imparting greater levels of richness and complexity; exhibiting the beginnings of the distinctive dry ‘aged oak’ characters produced from prolonged maturation in mature oak. The Muscats of Rutherglen are considered the “World’s Richest Wines” and bear a mark of authenticity – an oval logotype with a stylised “R” – which is only applied to the wines drawn from the great Muscat vineyards of the region. The “Muscat of Rutherglen” trademark assures the highest quality of wine exclusively sourced from the Rutherglen Wine Region. Campbell’s ‘house style’ is typically complex and elegant, capturing a rich purity of fruit flavours while finishing clean and dry. - Colin Campbell COLOUR Deep amber with tawny hues. BOUQUET Rich fresh raisin fruit aromas with great depth and showing some dry ‘aged oak’ characters. PALATE Great power and intense fruit with balance and elegance. There is evidence of mellow oak with the luscious lingering finish. CELLARING AND SERVING SUGGESTIONS Blended through our solera for optimum flavour and balance, this wine will not improve with further cellaring and should ideally be enjoyed soon after opening. Excellent with vintage cheddar or blue vein cheeses, dried fruit and fresh nuts or as a memorable end to a meal with freshly brewed coffee.


Muscat a petit grains rouge (locally known as Rutherglen Brown Muscat) from Campbells Rutherglen vineyards.


The grapes are left until late in the season to achieve optimum ripeness, ensuring maximum fruit flavour and a high degree of natural sweetness. Only selected parcels of premium fruit are added to the Classic Rutherglen Muscat solera. The wine that provides the basis of this solera dates back to the 1960’s. Wine can only be withdrawn from this solera when it matches exactly with the previous withdrawal thus ensuring the quality and consistency of style.