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WALT LØ - Low Alcohol Riesling


100% German Riesling, without any flavors added, ensuring authentic and outstanding palatability.

Bright, pale yellow colour, this is a simply Riesling with all its variety-specific fruitiness. With yellow fruits like peaches, some mineral notes and - very typical - also a hint of petrol.
Showcasing a fresh, lively character, well balanced and mouthwatering acidity.


Wine was vinified in stainless steel tanks prior to undergoing a dealcoholization process


This low-alcohol wine is an ideal match for many, in some cases even stronger-tasting dishes. Try it with fish, seafood or white meat, but don’t miss to try it with beef, game or wild fowl, too.
And last but not least – try it simply by itself. This Riesling contains only minute traces of alcohol, it’s a perfect drink for many representative or sophisticated occasions, which – maybe for personal reason – should not be accompanied by any alcoholic beverage.