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Templar's Choice Medium Cider

Templar's Choice, France

France, Normandy

An extremely well-balanced Normandy ‘méthode traditionelle’ medium pure juice naturally sparkling cider made with apple varieties that include St Martin, frequin rouge, petite jaune, soulage a gouet, which provide the tannins that give it body, structure and depth. The very essence of Normandy Pays d`Auge demi sec cider, the front palate has slight apple sweetness countered by back palate acidity and moderate tannins. A classically balanced cider.


Freshly pressed apple juice is keeved* on its own yeasts for a slow fermentation throughout the winter months and then bottled at the right degree of specific gravity for its medium taste style. The fermentation is controlled by keeving, a little racking, together with the quality of fruit to achieve a well controlled secondary fermentation in the bottle to provide a natural effervescence after 6-8 weeks.

There is very little deposit, so the clear cider is neither filtered nor pasteurised and will keep for many years in the bottle.

Awards: 2020 Silver medal SIGSA International Asturian awards

*Keeving is an artisan cider-making technique used to create a natural cider without sweetening or pasteurisation. Wild yeasts, cool cellars and low nutrient orchards are all key elements in the process. Only 100% fresh pressed cider apples are used, no sugar, no water, and nothing else.


Pairs wonderfully well with pork and charcuterie, as well as a range of main courses for those who prefer demi-sec to brut. Great with cheeses, too: traditionally paired in in Normandy with Camembert (only 2 kilometres from Templar’s Choice farm), Brie, and Pont-l’Évêque, or British cheeses such as Cheshire, Wensleydale and Caerphilly would also be an excellent match. Also serve with desserts incorporating Bramley apples, plums and other such fruits.