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Templar's Choice Dry Cider

Templar's Choice, France

France, Normandy

Pronounced rich and autumnal nose of aromatic, ripe apple with some floral notes. The front palate is fresh, with a fine mousse and good depth leading to a layered, creamy mid-palate. The back palate displays a fresh fine acidity and long, complex length. Overall, a beautifully balanced clean cider that finishes with a warm handshake.


Freshly pressed apple juice is keeved* on its own yeasts for a slow fermentation throughout the winter months and then bottled at the right degree of specific gravity for its dry taste style. The fermentation is controlled by keeving, a little racking, together with the quality of fruit to achieve a well controlled secondary fermentation in the bottle to provide a natural effervescence after 6-8 weeks. There is very little deposit, so the clear cider is neither filtered nor pasteurised and will keep for many years in the bottle.

Awards: Commendation Royal Bath & West 2016, Silver Medal SIGSA International Asturias Championship 2020

*Keeving is an artisan cider-making technique used to create a natural cider without sweetening or pasteurisation. Wild yeasts, cool cellars and low nutrient orchards are all key elements in the process. Only 100% fresh pressed cider apples are used, no sugar, no water, and nothing else.


A classic ‘méthode traditionelle’ Normandy naturally sparkling dry cider is really always paired in Normandy with food, just as a dry wine would be. You can add little during the cooking (just as a dry wine would be) before drinking with roasts, casseroles, grills, vegetarian and vegan meals, but also fine curries. This pure juice, naturally sparkling ,dry cider pairs exceptionally well with most main courses, as well as being an excellent accompaniment to cheese, particularly Camembert located just (2 kilometres from the cider farm), Livarot (part of the canton), as well as English cheeses such as farmhouse Cheddar and Stilton, to give a couple of examples.