Paso Robles & Sonoma, USA


Dueling Pistols

Each of the Dueling Pistols wines intertwine two competing varietals in a 50/50 blend where each varietal's fight for power balances that of the other. The Paso Robles Red blend is composed of equal parts Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah creating a richly textured wine. The Dry Creek Valley Red blend is composed of equal amounts of Zinfandel and Syrah creating a harmonious, non-angular wine. With both wines, each component is fermented separately, then combined together in French oak barrels to age. The depth and character of the wine inspired a compelling label, which resulted in a story, satisfying both palate and curiosity. Engage in the experience and discover yourself how the story unfolds. See you at dawn.

"One man raised a pistol for country. One for love. of the seven witnesses, three of them hoped neither man would survive, two of them needed both men to live, and one was no man at all. The town physician stood ready, but willing to save neither shooter. the town drunk wandered over with a secret to tell. The town Sheriff was there as well, standing right in the middle, but even he wasn't about to get between these dueling pistols."