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ABS Wine Agencies, Wed 04 Nov 2020


Following the success of WALT Riesling and WALT Pinot Noir, we are pleased to introduce a new wine to the WALT range, WALT LØ - a low-alcohol Riesling, with only 0.5% alcohol

WALT LØ is designed to meet the challenge of our changing lifestyles, a refreshing low-alcohol Riesling, retaining all the flavours of a classic Riesling. Light, with notes of fresh limes and a hint of crunchy apple, the zesty acidity means the wine finishes dry, crisp and long. It can be drunk as an apertif, or is equally delicous served with Asian cuisine, seafood or a salad. Whatever your reason for seeking a low alcohol alternative at only 0.5% alcohol, WALT LØ is for you.

View a tasting note on our website here


More than 25% of UK drinkers took part in Dry January 2020 (Drinkaware). The study also showed that 72% of those who said they drank less plan to continue to do so in the long term, while 12% intend to stop drinking completely.

18% decline in UK alcohol consumption in the past decade. (ONS)

1 in 5 British adults are now teetotal (ONS)