Australia / Rutherglen
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Stanton & Killeen Rutherglen Topaque NV

Stanton & Killeen Wines


White gold in colour with aromas of quince jelly, cumquats and dried fruit. The palate has notes of zesty lemon peel and butter menthol which combine to reveal a very silky mouthfeel and long finish.


Muscadelle grapes are picked at optimum ripeness, with high levels of natural grape sugar and the flavours that come from extended ripening.


Once picked, they are crushed and kept on skins until fermentation commences, at which point they are quickly pressed and fortified with grape
spirit. This early fortification preserves the high natural sugars while the short fermentation releases additional flavour from the skins. Once fortified, the wine is stored in large oak casks for three to four years before we assess which of the classifications the different parcels of wine fit into. The wines of the Rutherglen range are chosen to exhibit bright fruit and do not undergo
further barrel ageing before bottling.


Topaque poached pears with toffee and nut ice cream