Australia / Rutherglen
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Stanton & Killeen Grand Rutherglen Topaque NV

Stanton & Killeen Wines


Brilliant clarity, the colour of dark amber. Aromas of rich burnt butter and toasted almonds. A full, developed palate revealing layers of caramelised butter, malt and toffee with a hint of acidity from marmalade, citrus notes. The Grand range offers a stunning level of depth, intensity and concentration of flavours with an average blended age of 15-20 years. It is the third tier in the classification system: Rutherglen, Classic, Grand and Rare.


Muscadelle grapes are picked at optimum ripeness, with high levels of natural grape sugar and the flavours that come from extended ripening.


If a parcel of fruit is regarded as particularly special, it will be kept apart after fortification and may eventually “graduate” to the Grand or Rare solera system. These wines do not come about every year, and are a product of exceptional vintages, combining depth of fruit with
complexity of age. We draw off small quantities from our oldest collection of barrels and then fill these barrels with the next oldest collection. The youngest collection is only occasionally refilled, with wines that have already undergone many years of ageing and careful selection. The final blend is a combination of rich and intense parcels to create a wonderfully layered wine, often involving many generations of winemaking patience.


A rich crème brûlée or simply by itself to appreciate the complex, lingering flavours.