Australia / Rutherglen
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2021 Stanton & Killeen Tempranillo

Stanton & Killeen Wines


“A fabulous new world interpretation of a long standing old world variety”
Dense red/purple. Complex with rose petal and dark cherry juice and cranberry aromas with some light cedary wood spices. A balanced palate profile with soft flavours of cherries, dark plums and a backbone of light tannins that extend through to a long and refreshing finish. Lightly oaked to compliment the fruit flavours.


Tempranillo has been grown at S&K for many years and is one of the main varieties in our Vintage Fortified. We have extended its use to table wines because it is a hardy grape that can handle the pressures of a warmer climate, where some other varieties are lacking. In Rioja (Spain) this style would be classed as a ‘Joven’ style, meaning young and un-wooded, but being in the new world and Rutherglen in particular, this wine is lifted to an extra level.


A great "go to wine" that will suit many occasions and food style, grills and pastas especially. No need to age this wine, just enjoy now.