Italy / Etna & Marsala, Sicily
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2021 Flavia Wines Vino Bianco Catarratto, Zibibbo IGP Terre Siciliane 'ALLÈ'

Flavia Wines

Etna & Marsala, Sicily

Carricante is a white grape variety whose meaning of the name seems to be attributable to the abundant quantities that the "loaded" plant is able to produce. The bunch is medium in size and the berries are very full-bodied. Carricante generally has a straw yellow colour, with greenish reflections, and produces elegant and classy whites with a marked minerality and flavour. The nose is persistent, with fresh notes of white fruit, aromatic herbs, flint and citrus. Pure and refined, it is a fresh wine on the palate, with high acidity and a pleasant final flavour. Generally it has good structure and longevity, which gives the wine complexity and softness. Our Etna Bianco is born from Carricante

Zibibbo is an aromatic grape grown mainly in Sicily. The name comes from the Arabic word zibibb, which means dried or withered grapes. It is among the best grapes for drying, also thanks to its resistance to rot. The sweet wines of Zibibbo are extraordinarily rich, with a deep golden colour, with hints of apricots, acacia flowers and honey. On the palate they are structured, sweet, full-bodied but with a sapidity, acidity and long persistence. Dry wines are also very aromatic, with a straw colour and delicate hints of white fruit and flowers.


Wines produced by heroic viticulture. Extreme by nature. Born above all limits. They are heroic wines resulting from man's effort, sweat and industriousness. Wines produced in geographically inaccessible areas and with treacherous, sometimes impossible, climatic conditions, such as those of Etna. In this area we grow Catarratto

These wines, with their lively freshness, are born from the historic vineyards owned by the Rallo family since 1860. We are located between Contrada Birgi and Paolini, a stone's throw from the Stagnone Reserve and the historic Marsala Salt Pans. The presence of the sea contributes to the constitution of soils rich in minerals and with high sapidity, characteristics that give life to unique wines with Sicilian flavours and aromas. In this area we grow Zibibbo