France / Languedoc-Roussillon
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2020 Montagnac Picpoul de Pinet Terres Rouge

Maison Montagnac


Nice pale crystal green colour, sometimes more gold for wines from older vines, discreet, fine, pleasant (with aromas of acacia flowers and hawthorn). Delicate finish, with a vivid acidity, well balanced.


The Vignobles Montagnac are located in the Hérault. 15km from Montpellier on the edge of the Mediterranean. The quality of the wine comes from the diversity of the soils which stretch from the Thau lake to the valley of the Hérault, all of which is blessed with the warm Mediterranean climate. Red clay soils overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the valley of the Hérault.


Harvest in the cool of the night, sometimes by hand. Traditional vinification, with direct pressing. Matured in stainless steel vats.


The Picpoul de Pinet naturally pairs with the shellfish, white fish and traditional Mediterranean dishes, but also with cheeses and chocolate tastings.