South Africa / Stellenbosch
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2020 Jordan Cold Fact Sauvignon Blanc

Jordan Wine Estate


Cold Fact is the album from singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez, who became a cultural phenomenon in South Africa and was made internationally famous in the film ‘Searching for Sugar Man.’ It is also a play on the cold soak technique we use to extract flavour from the skins of our ripest Sauvignon Blanc grapes (we search for sugar man), which are then chilled and left for hours or even overnight on the skins, with the process helping to extract the intense flavours associated with this highly aromatic grape variety.

Our unoaked offering exudes aromatics of blackcurrant leaf & ripe Cape fig balanced by a complex fruit structure and sweet Provençale herbs on the finish.


Grapes were harvested at different ripeness levels to add fruit complexity to the wine, and vertical hedge trellising and innovative canopy management techniques were used to enhance the intense flavours. By retaining the outer leaf layer and removing leaves in the centre of the canopy to form a tunnel-like effect promoting good air-flow, grapes were unaffected by botrytis and higher pyrazine levels associated with much cooler vintages could be obtained.

Soil - Glenrosa and Hutton.
Aspect - East-and south-facing hillside slopes, 220 - 380m above sea level.
Age of Vines - 37 years old.


The grapes were destemmed before receiving approximately 6 hours skin contact. After gentle pressing in a pneumatic “tank” press, the juice was cold settled for 2 days before being racked and inoculated with selected yeasts. All the vineyard blocks were kept separate and fermentation took place between 12-16°C.