Italy / Etna, Sicily
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2019 Flavia Wines Etna Rosso DOP

Flavia Wines

Etna, Sicily

Nerello Mascalese is a native black grape variety, prince of the Etna area. The late ripening plant gives life to wines of absolute finesse, great reds for aging with an intense red color, in which olfactory sensations of red fruit, aromatic herbs, tobacco and spices predominate, together with a typical pleasant tannicity. On the palate it is striking for its acidity and marked minerality typical of the volcanic terroir. Etna Rosso is born from Nerello Mascalese


Wines produced by heroic viticulture. Extreme by nature. Born above all limits. They are heroic wines resulting from man's effort, sweat and industriousness. Wines produced in geographically inaccessible areas and with treacherous, sometimes impossible, climatic conditions, such as those of Etna. Small vineyards whose preferred breeding for the vine is the Etnean sapling or espalier with spurred cordon pruning, used to defeat heat and strong winds from the sea. The slope of the land greater than 30% prevents mechanization, consequently the work in the vineyard and the harvest of the grapes are done manually with methods linked to the old winemakers; our grapes are carefully selected and transported in wooden boxes.