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2018 The Federalist Chardonnay, Mendocino

The Federalist


A gift from the people of France a hundred years after the signing of The Declaration of Independence, The Statue of Liberty stands as a beacon of freedom and a reminder of what our founding fathers created. We honour Lady Liberty with this fresh and full-bodied Mendocino Chardonnay featuring an aroma of lemon, pear and a touch of cinnamon. The perfect wine for light fare, deep conversation and declaring your independence.


Malolactic fermentations occur post-primary fermentation. The lees are stirred through malolactic fermentation, and the wine is aged sur lies until blending. The wine is aged in 35% new oak, primarily American and Hungarian, with a little bit of Frenach. The Hungarian oak mimics French with spicy character and the American rounds it out with a sweeter finish.