USA / Napa
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2018 Peter Franus Napa Valley Chardonnay, Stewart Vineyard

Peter Franus Wine Company


This wine displays a slight tinge of gold with mineral aromas—that wet-stone, gravel, non-fruity component—as well as apple, cardamom, vanilla, toasted hazelnut, basil, and a slight hint of orange peel. This is Chardonnay as it should be—not heavy, sweet, or ponderous, but lively and refreshing, a wine that dances on the palate. Lower in alcohol than most, it welcomes you back for another taste. It will age and continue on the road toward complexity.


Grapes were whole-clustered pressed, settled overnight and then racked to barrel. We have moved toward “native” or wild yeast fermentation which we have found results in wines that capture more of those elusive qualities found in the Chardonnays from Burgundy. Complexity is always our mission! The wine aged sur-lie for 10