Germany / Rheinhessen
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2018 Louis Guntrum Dry Riesling

Louis Guntrum


Fresh, pure, great Riesling expression and diversity. Probably the best-value Dry Riesling on the market.


Sustainable farming and grape growing. Exclusive use of organic fertilizers, no irrigation, defoilage by hand for reduced use of pesticides and healthier grapes, cover plants as natural fertilizer, to increase biological activity of the soil and to reduce soil compression, hand selected harvest with maximum grape temperatures at harvest below 15°C.


Gentle pressing below 1,8 atmospheres, natural sedimentation, temperature controlled fermentation at 16°-18°C in stainless steel tanks.
Ageing on the lees, one filtration only prior to bottling.


Aperitif, all kind of seafood in different styles of preparation, veal, salads (please no vinegar dressing).