South Africa / Stellenbosch
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2018 Jordan Chameleon Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Jordan Wine Estate


Often coined the “Baby Cobblers Hill” for its reminiscence to the estate’s flagship red blend. Plush textured merlot fills the framework provided by the cabernet, leading to approachable flavours of sun-ripened plum & dark-skinned spring berries with a top-note of herbal dried mint.


Tecomaria capensis, commonly known as the Cape Honeysuckle, attracts bees, bugs, and butterflies, so is the perfect habitat for the Cape Dwarf Chameleon. Its bright orange flowers often bloom all year round but are especially prevalent in autumn. This plant can be found in several areas on the estate, especially in the gardens of the Jordan Luxury Suites where colourful sunbirds also feast on the nectar.
SOIL: Decomposed granite and loam.
ASPECT: North and east-facing vineyards.
AGE OF VINES: 14 – 28 years


Fermented in overhead retort-shaped, stainless steel fermentors. Pump-overs were done three times daily during fermentation. The use of gravity and gentle pressing ensure full-flavoured wines with soft, balanced tannins. The cabernet sauvignon and merlot underwent malo-lactic fermentation in the barrel. The various portions of the blend spent 16 months in 225 litre French oak barrels (mostly Nevers and Alliers).