Australia / Barossa Valley
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2018 Corryton Burge Shiraz

Corryton Burge

Barossa Valley

A rich, soft and subtle Australian Shiraz.

Deep ruby red with purple hues, strawberry, raspberry and vanilla aromas. Rich fruit forward characters of raspberry and plums tantalise the palate. There is a soft toasty oak influence that enhances the vanilla and spice. Subtle tannins leave the palate quite moreish and a delight to keep coming back to.


Timely rain and an Indian Summer slowed the pace of ripening allowing flavours and tannin structure to develop/ The resulting harvest meant smaller berries of intense flavour and colour, along with excellent tannins and natural acidity.


7-10 day fermentation in stainless steel fermenters, temperature range between 22-28°C. Fermenters are pumped over routinely 6 times a day. Matured in oak for a minimum of 12 months.


Pair with a grilled butterflied lamb leg with Moroccan inspired cous cous. Drink now - 5 years