Australia / Yarra Valley
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2017 Payten and Jones 'VV' Sangiovese

Payten and Jones

Yarra Valley

Yarra Sangiovese who would have thought !!! Peter has been looking after this site now for about 10 years and has a hell of a time with this vineyard. All this work means not much has to be done in the winery. Behn's best comment, 'each vintage all we really have to do in the winery is, look over the newspaper once day at the ferment'. A wine that really makes it self here ...
Whole berries with the ferment, old oak. Fruit forward style of Sangiovese, soft and approachable, while still having an amazing structure. A New world approach to a classic, perhaps a great gateway drug to get people hooked on those old world styles ??? Did some one say a big bowl of red sauce ??




Minimal Intervention