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2017 Division Chenin Blanc Inonde

Division Winemaking Co.


The 2017 Division Chenin Blanc “Inondé” is a brilliantly intense and balanced Chenin Blanc. The nose offers telltale notes of honeycomb and beeswax. The crux of this wine is the mid and back palate featuring lanolin, chalky minerality, and floral notes. The palate is ripe, dry and filled with tense acidity that brings the whole wine together. The wine is drinking very well at the moment, especially if opened an hour or two in advance, however, we believe this wine has a very long future ahead of it, perhaps even a few decades before peaking!


In 2017 the Chenin harvest was later than in recent past vintages, with the first pass was completed the first week of October, and rewarded us with healthy, ripe and mineral intense fruit. The second picking was completed approximately two weeks later and was delicious from the influence of some Noble Rot (pink Botrytis).


For the second vintage in a row, we utilized a pressing technique most common to making high quality Champagne, which involves redirecting the heart of the press “coeur de cuvee” directly into barrel and hence, bypassing the settling with the rest of the pressing. This led to a wine of significant depth and character and something we believe shows the excellent promise of Chenin Blanc from the Northwest.