USA / Napa Valley
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2016 Peter Franus Brandlin Zinfandel Mt Veeder

Peter Franus Wine Company

Napa Valley

Classic Brandlin! Brilliant medium ruby with an array of aromatic notes—bramble fruits, white pepper, basil, rose petal, and a touch of sweet oak. The palate entry is gentle, leading to flavours of anise and strawberry. The wine embraces that PF goal of a structure that is elegant, balanced, lively and refreshing. The lengthy finish will return to remind you how much you are enjoying this wine.


Today these are probably the oldest vines on Mount Veeder, and they continue to produce intensely flavoured grapes, growing for all these years without any irrigation other than the winter and spring rains. The vines are head-trained, independent of any trellis, and do not require much manipulation.


Peter likes to ferment Zinfandels at temperatures slightly lower than those for Bordeaux reds to accentuate the zesty and forward fruit character of the variety. Aging exclusively in Burgundian French oak barrels adds complexity as well as refinement to the wine.