South Africa / Robertson
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2012 Bon Courage Jacques Bruére Cap Classique Brut Reserve

Bon Courage Wine Estate


This range is named in honour of the Bruwer’s French Huguenot lineage, the Brueres, who hailed from the Loire Valley. They are handmade from beginning to end in accordance with the traditional “Champagne” method.

Fruit driven style with peach, hints of citrus as well as creaminess It expresses both intensity and delicacy. Toasted nutty characters infused with stone fruits complimented by rich creamy biscuit flavours. Lingering finish with a lively mousse.


The base wine was kept on the lees for 8 months initially during the first fermentation. 10% of the Chardonnay was Barrel Fermented. The "magic of the bubbles" begins during the 2nd fermentation that occurs in the bottle thereby extending maturation on the lees for 48 - 60 months. After "disgorgement" and "dosage" the final product is left on the cork and then released.


A wine for all occasions, not just the special ones - compliments fresh oysters, sushi, poached salmon or any seafood based canapés.