Australia / Riverina
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2010 Cranswick Botrytis Semillon

Cranswick Wines


A rich golden colour with aromas of marmalade with honeyed overtones, a complex palate completes the wine with flavours of dried apricots and pineapples. Deliciously smooth, long finish


Grapes are specially selected from small parcels of vines from the Riverina, Australia. The vines are carefully cultivated to our specifications, with low yields producing intensely-flavoured grapes of outstanding quality. The 2010 season produced steady winter and spring rains which resulted in healthy strong vines and good berries.


After vinification the wines are skillfully matured in American and French oak for approximately 12 months. Individual barrels are meticulously selected to produce the aromas, the fine balance of flavours and textures that make Cranswick favourite with people who enjoy excellent wines


The perfect way to end a meal, works wonderfully with both cheese and desserts.