Monte da Ravasqueira, Arraiolos, 7040-121, Portugal

Pedro Pereira Gonçalves
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Monte da Ravasqueira

Monte da Ravasqueira has been linked to the José de Mello family for several generations. Located in the municipality of Arraiolos, the estate occupies a vast area of typical Alentejan landscape. The excellent geological conditions and the climate are well suited to the production of some of the best wine that the Alentejo has to offer. A great deal has been invested in planting vines and also in modern winemaking equipment and in meteorological and plant-health facilities. Investment at Monte da Ravasqueira has also been directed at the infrastructures of an oenotourism project. Monte da Ravasqueira is committed to the production of distinctive quality wines, while it is also engaged in a number or other activities involving the production of cork, olive oil and honey, as well as rearing fine cattle and fattening of black pig from Alentejo.

““The decision made at the end of the 90’s to develop a business project capable of producing high-quality wines aimed to, fundamentally, take advantage of the excellent geological and climatic conditions of the Alentejo, while, simultaneously, respecting the richness, history and unique natural environment of the region.
Every day, we seek to achieve the winning culture instilled since my father won the 1996 Coupling World Championship, in Belgium, with Lusitano horses. It was, above all, from that moment on that the challenge of making Monte da Ravasqueira a revered wine producer in the Alentejo was set. It is to fulfil this dream that we work tirelessly, taking advantage of the unique natural conditions of this place, which also doubles as a family home.” – Pedro de Mello (Chairman)”