Orchard Wines & Ciders

Orchard Wines & Ciders
UK, Northamptonshire
Orchard Wines & Ciders

Blue Aurora, UK

The story of Blue Aurora begins at family-run Lutton Farm, outside the picturesque town of Oundle in Northamptonshire.

The Long family have been farming there for over 60 years and over 45 hectares of the farm are dedicated to growing blueberries, with over 500 tonnes picked each year. The grading process produces between 15% and 20% of fruit that’s either slightly too small or too soft for the supermarkets, but otherwise it’s still really great quality, great tasting fruit – and superb for making wines!

Applying the same level of attention to detail, quality and passion to the wine as to the berries themselves, their integrity is maintained throughout the wine-making process: the resulting wines are not mixed with any grape juice and consists purely and simply of 100% English blueberries.