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Orchard Wines & Ciders
Orchard Wines & Ciders

Berryland, Ukraine

Founded in 2017 by oenologist, Vitalii Karvyha, Berryland is a Ukrainian cidery, fruit winery and meadery located in Makarisvska Buda, near the country’s capital, Kyiv. The name reflects the abundance of fruits that grow in the land surrounding the town. Delivering taste is the ultimate goal as is being true to the fruits used, so the company only makes 100% juice, not-from-concentrate ciders, perries and fruit wines using top quality cultivated fruits from chemical-free company-owned orchards and farms, together with wild fruits. The honey used in the company’s meads is sourced from apiaries that use no antibiotics.

The apples that go into making the company’s ciders include Calvilla, McIntosh, Breedon Pippin, Antonovka, Aport, Renetta, Sharopay, Mela Limone and Spartan.

Great balance and being lower in alcohol are hallmarks of the company’s products and all are made just once a year, the quality and abundance of the fruits determining that year’s product range