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Watch Our Aussie Webinars

ABS Wine Agencies, Thu 28 Jan 2021

Watch Our Aussie Webinars

Despite there being no official Australia Trade Tasting in 2021,  we still wanted to celebrate and shine a spotlight on our Australian Portfolio.  Here are the Webinars from the day


Webinar: Nothing but the Juice: Aussie Reds, Unfiltered & Unplugged

Join us for this session looking at some of the more artisan growers we work with, how they manage using minimal intervention practices both in the vineyard and in the cellar.  Taking part will be Rory Lane (The Story) and Behn Payten & Troy Jones (Payten & Jones), moderated by Elliot Awin.



Webinar: Fair Dinkum Aussie - Kanga Rouge for the 2020's

We want to explore what the consumer expects of Australia in the 2020's, it used to be synonymous with big brands and full-bodied "sunshine in a bottle" reds and whites, however today it has a more diverse and subtle face, how does the consumer navigate this ?  This discussion will be moderated by Elliot Awin and joining the panel are Oz Clarke, Emily Silva (Head of Marketing, Oxford Wine Company) and Alexandra Mawson (Wine Buyer-Australia & New Zealand, Waitrose).



Webinar: Looking Forward - Challenges, Threats and Opportunities for the 2020's

With 2020 being a year of constant challenge for the Aussie wine industry, we speak to 3 winemakers to discuss what they see as the challenges for the next decade and what steps can be taken to adapt.  The panel will be made up of Matt Burton (Gundog Estate), Natasha Killeen (Stanton & Killeen) and Simon Cowham (Sons of Eden)