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Orchard Wines & Spirits Tasting 2024 - Come & taste ABS wines!

ABS Wine Agencies, Wed 24 Jan 2024

Orchard Wines & Spirits Tasting 2024 - Come & taste ABS wines!

Join us at the The Orchard Wines & Spirits Trade & Press Event on Wednesday, February 28 2024, from 10:00am at the renowned London Cru Winery, just 3 mins from West Brompton tube & overground railway.

Organised and hosted by Cider Is Wine, the trade body that works only with wines made from apples, pears and other fruits fermented from 100% juice, not from concentrate.


10:00 - 17:00 • Wednesday 28th February


London Cru Urban Winery
21-27 Seagrave Road
London SW6 1RP


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Orchard Wines – made from apples, pears and other fruits – represent an opportunity to have a new conversation with consumers, hospitality and distribution.

20 of the world’s best producers of Orchard Wines & Spirits from 12 different countries will be exhibiting their products, covering the gamut of tastes from dry to sweet, every colour and hue, both sparkling and still, and all made using the quality standard of 100% juice, not from concentrate – in other words, made like grape wines and validated by Cider Is Wine.

Using wine making techniques such as méthode traditionelle, méthode ancestrale, barrel ageing, wild yeast fermentations, as well as keeving (unique to the sector), ice ciders using made using natural cold, this is an exciting area to explore for the journalist interested in drink authenticity and integrity.

There will be a number of ‘soapbox’ masterclasses by the likes of USA producer pioneer, and current President of the American Cider Producers Association, Eleanor Leger, as well as from cheese and wine specialist Jessica Summer of Mouse and Grape, to point the way to the genuine innovation these Orchard wines represent and new conversations to be had with the consumer.

Research reflects the well-documented trend of consumers who are more and more demanding authenticity, integrity and sustainability within food and drink. Orchard Wines are perfectly aligned to appeal to this new generation of drinkers with their naturally produced alcohols – on average 7% ABV – great food matching qualities, truly artisan quality… there’s much to explore for the authentic, sustainable drinker, influencer and journalist.

Increased distribution into fine dining restaurants, such as The Fat Duck in Bray, as well as regional wholesalers and independent retailers around the UK, further demonstrate the increasing desire for Orchard Wines.

Alistair Morrell, CEO of Cider is Wine said: “As consumers move to drink less but better, Orchard Wines & Spirits fermented from 100% juice, not from concentrate, reflecting their terroir, vintage, the quality of the fruit, as well as the skill and passion of their makers, is the opportunity to explore, be authentic, and open up a whole new landscape of taste and flavour.”

At a time when hospitality and the wine business are under huge pressure, the opportunity to have new conversations about what is currently a little known and potentially valuable drinks sector is prescient.