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Matthew Jukes - Money Week - Rutherford Hill Merlot

ABS Wine Agencies, Tue 30 Apr 2024

Matthew Jukes - Money Week - Rutherford Hill Merlot

Rutherford Hill Merlot featured in Matthew Jukes Money Week. Read the full article here


2021 Rutherford Hill, Merlot, Napa Valley, California

"I have followed the wines from Rutherford Hill for many years.  Always tasty, ripe and boisterous in the glass, these wines are accurate and evocative examples of what Napa Valley can do, and that’s about it.  That was until I tasted the 2021 Merlot in the unusual surroundings of Abbey Road Studios. The Californians were in town, and this pungently fragrant historic studio’s natural funk did its best but could not dampen the ardour of this spectacular wine.  Rutherford Hill relaunched its operation in 2022 while this wine snoozed in barrels.  While the labels have upgraded and the winery has been spruced up, hiring the epically talented winemaker Michael Coode was the most significant advancement. Michael poured this wine for me, and the transformation felt complete as the flavours were the most impactful and memorable at this Californian gathering.  If you have, like me, given up on finding stunning and affordable Napa Merlot, then think again – this is not only a great wine from a USA perspective, but also a serious global Merlot taking every country on earth into account.  If you would like a white wine to usher in this fabulous red, then the most delicious on show was 2021 Cuvaison Chardonnay Napa Valley / Los Carneros."


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