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Louis Guntrum Jancis Robinson Reviews - written by Michael Schmidt

ABS Wine Agencies, Tue 29 Sep 2020

Louis Guntrum Jancis Robinson Reviews - written by Michael Schmidt

The latest reviews from Jancis Robinson written by Michael Schmidt on Louis Guntrum Wines


Louis Guntrum Niersteiner Riesling trocken 2019 Rheinhessen
15 Points - 12.5%, Drink 2020 – 2021 - View Here

“A very delicate fragrance teases with faint aromas of icing sugar and citrus fruit. Fresh and lively on the palate like cream soda, with gentle notions of herbal and fruity elements, soft acidity and getting sweeter towards the finish.” - Michael Schmidt


Louis Guntrum Niersteiner Ölberg Riesling trocken 2018 Rheinhessen
15.5 Points - 123%, Drink 2020 – 2023 - View Here

“The hot and dry vintage of 2018 has endowed the Ölberg with a voluptuous expression of fruit, but only a modicum of acidity. Nevertheless, peach and pear show a fresh juicy quality on the palate, piquant nuances of fruit peel and kernel adding some contours to the ample body.” - Michael Schmidt


Louis Guntrum Oppenheimer Sackträger Riesling trocken 2018 Rheinhessen
16 Points - 13.5%, Drink 2020 – 2024 - View Here

“A pleasant fragrance brings together the enticing aromas of elderflower blossom, apricot and almond. The Sackträger has managed to streamline the opulence of the vintage and retained assertive acidity to balance the fruit of apricot and grapefruit. Gentle nuances of apricot skin, almond kernel and sweet lemon bring a piquancy to the palate, which quite successfully disguises the substantial alcohol content.” - Michael Schmidt


Louis Guntrum, Niersteiner Orbel Riesling trocken 2016 Rheinhessen
16.5 Points - 13%, Drink 2018 – 2023 - View Here

“A fascinating fragrance combines notes of ripe apple and delicate nuances of honey and marzipan. This sweet promise is kept on the palate with exotic fruit served on a buttery texture. The baroque expression of peach, passion fruit and herbal honey will delight lovers of opulence, but won’t appeal too much to the followers of a more slender and tauter style of dry Riesling.” - Michael Schmidt


Louis Guntrum, Niersteiner Hipping Riesling trocken 2018 Rheinhessen
17 Points - 13%, Drink 2020 – 2025 - View Here

“Aromas of meadow flowers and orange blossom are given further appeal by a hint of exotic fruit. In keeping with the vintage, the acidity shows considerable restraint, its task of bringing freshness to the wine admirably taken care of by cool saline minerality and a sprightly expression of apple and sweet lemon. Further piquancy is added by a fine note of fruit pith and peel, a delicate herbal notion sets the final accent. ” - Michael Schmidt


Louis Guntrum, Niersteiner Bergkircher Riesling Kabinett 2018 Rheinhessen
15 Points - 11%, Drink 2019 – 2021 - View Here

“Quite waxy on the nose with aromas of pear and peach. Medium sweet on the palate. A citrus-peel note adds a little piquancy to the finish, while acidity exercises restraint.” - Michael Schmidt


Louis Guntrum Niersteiner Rehbach Riesling Spätlese 2017 Rheinhessen
16 Points - 10%, Drink 2018 – 2023 - View Here

“Showing maturity on the nose with waxy and fumy fragrance, not too petrolly yet, and with a generous scent of honey. Very generous rich style of Spätlese on the palate with definite tropical fruit character, mango and orange, but also some very juicy nectarine. If you like your Spätlese rich and sweet, this will be right up your street.” - Michael Schmidt


Louis Guntrum Niersteiner Orbel Riesling Spätlese 2015 Rheinhessen
16 Points - 12.5%, Drink 2016 – 2021 - View Here

“There’s a definite smell of kerosene as an expression of maturity, but it’s quite attractive in combination with the fragrance of Seville orange and a touch of caramel. Very rich in texture and flavour, bitter orange, very ripe and sweet apple, aided and abetted by a definite note of dark caramel. Very opulent traditional style of Spätlese with ample curves and generous lashings of residual sugar. ” - Michael Schmidt


Louis Guntrum, Pinot Noir trocken 2017 Rheinhessen
16 Points - 13%, Drink 2019 – 2022 - View Here

“Generous fragrance of red-berry fruit in a spicy marinade. Juicy and fresh on the palate with fair acidity and a fine composition of herbs and spices. Nuances of cedar and hazelnut hint at wood ageing without obstructing the drink flow.” - Michael Schmidt