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Jean Stodden Jancis Robinson Reviews

ABS Wine Agencies, Wed 27 Jan 2021

Jean Stodden Jancis Robinson Reviews

Michael Schmidt from Jancis Robinson reviews 6 2018 wines from Jean Stodden


Recher Herrenberg Frühburgunder Grosses Gewächs 2018 Ahr
17 Points - 13%, Drink 2021  –  2027

“Medium to deep ruby with purple rim. A cool fresh fragrance mixes mineral and vegetal elements, complemented by a subtle nuance of morello cherry. Very dry and compact on the palate with tannins and acidity both showing assertive presence, slightly moderated by a generous texture. The vegetal taste of crunchy green pepper dominates the flavour, but is ably supported by notes of bitter cherry, salty minerality and sprinklings of clove and white pepper.” - Michael Schmidt Tasting Note Here


Neuenahrer Sonnenberg Spätburgunder Grosses Gewächs 2018 Ahr
17.5 Points - 12.5%, Drink 2022  – 2027

“Ruby colour of medium depth, with purple reflexes. On the nose the fruit of cherry and just a hint of raspberry is supported by delicate spicy notes, cedar and clove the most notable. Sour cherry and bitter chocolate complement each other well, dusty tannins are still tactile and astringent at this infant stage. Just a tad leaner than the other Stodden GGs, toasting has left a charcoaled accent.” - Michael Schmidt Tasting Note Here


Dernauer Hardtberg Spätburgunder Grosses Gewächs 2018 Ahr
17.5 Points - 12.5%, Drink 2022 - 2027

“Medium-depth, raspberry hue with ruby rim. Cherry, violet, dusty white pepper as well as hints of chocolate and forest floor shape the fragrance. Compared with the Sonnenberg, the Hardtberg seems to have less tannin and more acidity. The fruit is juicy with inputs of sour plum and cherry. Together with fine nuances of cedar spice and charcoal, a sprinkling of white pepper takes care of a dusty finish.” - Michael Schmidt Tasting Note Here


Recher Herrenberg Spätburgunder Grosses Gewächs 2018 Ahr
18 Points - 13%, Drink 2021  – 2030    

“Pale-medium cherry red with watery-pink rim. The fragrance is quite pronounced, with aromas of cherry and plum contributing fruit while notes of marzipan and exotic spice bring in their seductive qualities. Rich and juicy start on the palate with marinated fruit. There’s plenty of substance and viscosity, well balanced by animating acidity. Subtle smoky and spicy nuances enhance the finish.” - Michael Schmidt Tasting Note Here


Mayschosser Mönchberg Spätburgunder Grosses Gewächs 2018 Ahr
18.5 Points - 13%, Drink 2022  – 2030  

“Pale to medium brick red with salmon-pink rim. The fragrance of the Mönchberg appears a little gentler than those of its Grosse Gewächse siblings, but nevertheless more than entices the nose with delicate aromas of ripe cherry, almond and marzipan. The palate instantly wins you over with its generous juicy expression, velvety texture and ripe acidity. Appears quite accessible with its full body and sweet fruit resembling marinated cherries, even sporting a fine nuance of milk chocolate. A seductive rendition of Spätburgunder with tannins happy to stay in the background.” - Michael Schmidt Tasting Note Here


Alte Reben Spätburgunder trocken 2018 Ahr
17.5 Points - 12.5%, Drink 2021 - 2027

“Bright cherry colour, medium-depth, ruby rim. A seductive generous fragrance of fruits of the forest is well complemented by the warm scent of Mediterranean herbs and a subtle notion of tobacco. The fruit is ripe, generous and sweet on the palate, complemented by subtle spicy notions, sprinklings of ginger and clove. Supple tannins contribute to a firm structure without scratching. Delicate nuances of tobacco and cigar box enhance a long finish.” - Michael Schmidt Tasting Note Here