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Master of Riesling Tasting

5 July 2023

Master of Riesling Tasting

A first chance to taste new 2022 Riesling and 2021 Pinot Noir from some of Germany's finest growers, including:


"2022.  Finesse, elegant, classic Kabinett year... delicate nature of the vintage...," are some of the comments from the wineries this year.  It was a good vintage for both Kabinett and the dry styles.

The weather brought challenges for all our growers, across the regions, however their hard work in the vineyards with canopy management, and green harvests, paid off to produce beautifully structured wines. The weather was an unusual blend of heatwaves and heavy rainfall, which made for a vintage that was certainly not a “walk in the park”. In the end, our winemakers managed to bring in fine healthy fruit with fairly good yields.

Join us for this year’s Master of Riesling Tasting on the 5th July and take a look for yourself. 


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